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Welcome to VULNCON!

VULNCON, annual cybersecurity conference, unfolds in the tech-savvy city of Bengaluru, India. This distinctive gathering is a beacon in the realm of Cybersecurity, shining a light on the multifaceted talents within the industry and offering them an esteemed platform to disseminate their ground breaking findings with the community.

Our mission is to spotlight dynamic speakers who are ready to unveil cutting-edge offensive and defensive technology. We extend a cordial invitation to global innovators, researchers, and hackers who are on the brink of unveiling the 'Next Big Thing' in cybersecurity to grace our platform as speakers. We welcome your insights and expertise via our Call for Papers.

NOTE: We strongly encourage you to peruse the following content meticulously prior to making your submission. Your attention to detail is appreciated, regardless of your tenure or standing as a speaker.

Important Dates:

  • Call For Paper Window Opens: 5th February 2024
  • Call For Paper Window Closes: 25th April 2024
  • Announcement Of Results: 12th May 2024


We are enthusiastically seeking fresh and ground-breaking security revelations that would set a remarkable base for VULNCON 2024 attendees. Here are some security themes for your consideration (this is not an exhaustive list) are -

  • Hardware Security: Exploring vulnerabilities and strategies related to hardware systems.
  • Cloud Security: Addressing the intricacies and challenges of securing cloud-based infrastructures.
  • Blue Team Ops: Focuses on defensive security tactics, involving proactive protection measures and incident response strategies to safeguard an organization's information systems.
  • AppSec & Bug Bounty: Spotlighting application security and bug bounty Methodology.
  • Android & iOS Security: Focusing on securing mobile platforms and applications.
  • Red Team Operations: Emphasizing offensive security tactics and red teaming exercises.
  • Web3 & Smart Contract Security: Exploring security concerns within Web3 and smart contract technologies.
  • DevSecOps: Integrating security practices into the DevOps process, ensuring a secure development lifecycle.
  • API Security: Highlighting the importance of securing APIs to prevent data breaches and unauthorized access, focusing on best practices for API security design and implementation.
  • IoT Security: Discussing the importance of ensuring the security of Internet of Things devices, which can be vulnerable to exploits and other cyber threats. This includes examining strategies for securing IoT devices. TPMs and networks, and addressing the unique challenges that IoT security presents.


Whether you're a novice or a seasoned professional, we invite all Cybersecurity enthusiasts to submit their work for VULNCON 2024.

We have curated different tracks to cater to a broad range of interests and specialties:

  • For those who have a strong affinity for specific operating systems and platforms, we have a track that delves into the nuances of these systems.
  • We have carved out an exclusive track for those individuals who have a talent for discovering and rectifying bugs, providing a platform to share their unique insights.
  • For developers who are keen on demonstrating their strategies for securing websites and applications during the development phase, we may not have a dedicated track currently. However, we are always open to exploring interesting and relevant propositions.
  • For those who enjoy hands-on learning and exploring new ideas, we offer tracks that include workshops and opportunities to practice skills in a safe and supportive environment.
  • We also have a track known as Open Source Arsenal, designed specifically for open-source tools. This track aims to promote awareness among peers about the diverse tools and their features which can be advantageous to individuals or businesses. 'Call for Arsenal will be open soon'


Based on the scoring of our external review panel members and our internal decision, we take a call on the acceptance of papers.

VulnCon CFP Review


Prompt Submissions

Submitting your research promptly increases the likelihood of its acceptance in the first round of review. Delaying your submission introduces more competition with other papers that are submitted later.

Choosing the Right Research Category

It's essential to select the appropriate submission category on the form. If the research is to be presented before the VULNCON conference or is an enhancement of previously presented research, it falls under Ongoing Research rather than Exclusive Research.

Preference Given to Exclusive Research

At VULNCON, we priorities Exclusive Research that hasn't been published or presented prior to the conference dates. If your submission is a rehash or improvement of your existing research, or similar to a presentation already delivered or published elsewhere, it will score lower compared to exclusive research.

Incorporating Real-Life Examples, Case Studies, and Demos

An impressive submission often illustrates its real-world application, which can be achieved by sharing real-life experiences, linking it to a case study, or presenting a live demo.

Inclusion of Comprehensive Technical Details

Providing thorough technical details increases the chances of your research being accepted. Submissions with brief or vague abstracts often receive low scores from reviewers and due to time constraints, they may not have the opportunity to request additional details. Hence, the optimal approach is to provide a comprehensive technical paper detailing all vulnerabilities, exploits, etc.

Feedback Review

We do not request comments from our review board members.

Submission Rejection

Please perceive rejection as constructive criticism for improving some aspect of the paper, rather than as an affront. Rejection doesn't imply your submission lacks quality. We evaluate a paper based on various parameters, with technical depth being just one. Often, we have to pass on excellent presentations due to an already accepted paper on a similar subject, a surplus of high-quality submissions, or if your submission has been presented/published elsewhere already. We are invested in your success and aim to assist you in preparing for future submissions. So, keep your spirits high and gear up for the next submission.

NOTE: Upon acceptance of the Call for Papers (CFP), the authors of the selected papers will be notified via email.


Exclusive Research

This refers to a research topic that has not been presented or published and will not be presented or published before VULNCON 2024.

Innovative Solutions

This category is devoted to hackers who devise ingenious tech/non-tech solutions to tackle real-world problems.

Ongoing Research

This pertains to a research topic that has either been partially or completely presented or published before VULNCON 2024.


For the Exclusive Research, Current Research and Innovative Solutions Category:

  • Travel Reimbursement (either the actual spent amount or the below-mentioned amount, whichever is less)
    • International Speaker (USD 850).
    • National Speaker (INR 7000).
  • Complimentary Accommodation for 3 Nights.
  • Complimentary Corporate Conference Pass & access to Network Cocktail Party.

For Other Categories:

  • Complimentary Accommodation for 3 Nights.
  • Complimentary Corporate Conference Pass & access to Network Cocktail Party.


  • In instances where a talk involves two or more speakers, only one speaker will be entitled to Travel Reimbursement benefits.
  • In cases where a talk includes two or more speakers, the provided Accommodation will be shared amongst the speakers.
  • By submitting a paper and agreeing to present at VULNCON, the submitter grants the host organization the right to publish, post, and redistribute, both online and offline, soft or hard copies of the presentation materials. These materials may include slides, source code, detailed paper, and the recorded video of the presentation and the speaker(s).
  • All proposals must be submitted via the Call For Papers (CFP) form. Proposals not submitted through this channel will not be eligible for CFP review.
  • The talk submitted for a specific event will only be considered for that particular event.


For any questions or concerns, you can reach out to us at contact[@]vulncon[.]in

For inquiries related to sponsorship or registration, please contact us at contact[@]vulncon[.]in

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