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Call For Tools

VULNCON's open-source Tools showcase is an interactive platform where developers can present their newest open source tools and products to VULNCON conference attendees. It's a dynamic, conversation-friendly environment that allows presenters to engage directly with attendees, offering a hands-on experience with their tools.

This program facilitates networking within the community while offering the opportunity to discover and learn about the latest innovative research and tools. These can significantly enhance your security toolkit. The showcase will take place on the day of conference, featuring a diverse range of tools, including debut releases of brand new ones.

Here are the details:

Important Dates:

  • Call For Tools Window Opens: 25th February 2024
  • Call For Tools Window Closes: 25th April 2024

Submission Process:

  • Call For Tools: Developers are invited to submit their projects for consideration before VULNCON event.
  • Requirements: Once selected, presenters are provided with information about requirements and benefits. More details can be found below.

Review Board:

Selection: Our Review Board reviews all submissions and chooses tools for presentations at VULNCON.


Things to bring: Kindly bring your own laptop for your tool demo and a converter/adapter if you are from an international location. Your Arsenal station will be equipped with a monitor featuring an HDMI connector, power, hardware & wireless internet access. Your WiFi credentials will be provided prior to your arrival on-site.

Any branded merchandise (stickers, t-shirts, etc.) should be specific to your tool name. Company-branded merchandise is not permitted, and all signage will be provided by VULNCON. Please avoid bringing signs, tablecloths, pop-up booths, or banners.

One Complimentary Corporate Conference Pass & access to Network Cocktail Party for each accepted submission.

Reminder: While participating in Arsenal, your presentations and demos must be limited to the specific open-source tool/product you submitted. Any other product pitches, upsells, or promotions are strictly forbidden.

If VULNCON or any of the Event organizers determine (at their sole discretion) that you are violating this rule, you and your product will be removed, and your presentation will be cancelled.


Review Board and VULNCON require that all Arsenal presenters have at least three (3) pages of tool documentation in English. The documentation should be available on your website, GitHub, wiki, etc. It can include, but is not limited to, the following information:

Description: Features; license; updated changelog.

Installation: Requirements; supported platforms/languages.

Usage: Parameters; usage examples You may also bring printed materials for attendees if you wish so.


All travel and stay expenses are the responsibility of the Arsenal presenter.

*VISA Requirements: Please note that you may need to obtain a visa to enter the country if you are comming from any places outside India.

We strongly recommend that you check the requirements as early as possible to determine whether you need to obtain a visa and to allow yourself ample time if you need to submit an application. If you need a Letter of Invitation to complete your visa application, you will be emailed if your submission is accepted.