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Part-1: Firmware Analysis and Exploitation

Explore the power of firmware analysis with our workshop. In this comprehensive course, you will gain a deep understanding of firmware and its components.

Learn about firmware file systems and the algorithms used to compress them. Identify and analyze common vulnerabilities present in firmware. Develop your skills in extracting and analyzing filesystems, enriching your knowledge in this domain.

Discover the process of emulating firmware and conducting effective security testing.

Acquire the tools and techniques required for performing dynamic analysis on devices operating within their native or emulated environments. Explore the functionalities of tools like Ghidra, IDA, Frida, GDB, and Hopper to perform runtime analysis

Enroll in our forthcoming workshop to amplify your understanding of firmware analysis. Join us and unlock the potential of this vital skill set. Don't miss out on this invaluable opportunity to enhance your expertise and propel your career in the field of firmware analysis.

Part-2: The Flipper Zero: A Geek's Swiss Army Knife

Embodying the whimsical form of a toy, the Flipper Zero is the ultimate portable gadget for pentesters and technology aficionados alike

This nifty device thrives on the thrill of breaking into digital realms—be it radio frequencies, secured entry systems, or the intricate dance of hardware.

With its heart beating to the rhythm of open-source innovation, the Flipper Zero is not just customizable; it's a canvas waiting for your creative imprint, ready to transform at the whim of your imagination and technical prowess.

Workshop Modules:

Key Takeaways:

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of firmware and its components.
  • Learn about firmware file systems and algorithms used for file compression.
  • Hacker Associate Exploit Chain for Firmware Hacking
  • Automate Firmware Extraction and Analysis Process
  • Explore common vulnerabilities found in firmware.
  • Official Hacker Associate IoT VM for “Hardware Hacking”
  • Develop skills in extracting and analyzing filesystems.
  • Discover techniques to emulate and test firmware security.
  • Perform dynamic analysis on devices within their normal or emulated environments.
  • Utilize tools like Ghidra, IDA, Frida, GDB, and Hopper for runtime analysis.
  • Successfully articulate your knowledge of firmware analysis in your own words.

Flipper Zero Sections:

  • Explore flipper zero all capabilities.
  • Live Demo: How to use flipper zero?
  • Interactive Session: Flipper Zero Operation Walkthrough.
  • Launching various attack using flipper zero.
  • Will reveals more in upcoming Hardware Hacking workshop.


Each participant will receive a bespoke VM from Official Hacker Associate, specifically designed for hardware hacking.

Join our upcoming workshop to enhance your expertise in firmware analysis.

Workshop Trainer

Harshad Shah
Founder & CEO of Hacker Associate

Harshad Shah, Founder & CEO of Hacker Associate known as a Technologist & also a Technology Motivational Speaker, Sr. Information Security Consultant & Corporate Trainer having Expertise in Latest and High-End Technologies like IoT, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Splunk, Docker, DevSecOps, AWS, Cloud Computing, Big Data Analytics.